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If you're a young person in Scotland looking to volunteer, you're in the right place. We'll take you through the options, benefits and support available to you. 

Getting started....

Many volunteering opportunities can be found on the directories of regional volunteer organisations. Volunteer Scotland has the most up to date list of volunteering opportunities based on location, opportunities and duration. Reach out to them directly for more information as each organisation or group has different requirements. 

Age requirements

We work with many groups that can work with young s from 11 to 25.  Young Scot and YouthLink Scotland both offer practical resources and support for young people interested in volunteering. 

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Functionality You Will Love

What is the time commitment?

Many organisations and companies provide flexible volunteering opportunities with some placements a few hours a week both mid-week and at weekends. We work closely with many organisations to ensure that they take this flexible approach to youth volunteering, so make sure to check in with individual groups for more details.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

From making new friends, to gaining leadership skills and experience in the workplace, the benefits of volunteering are endless. Many of our previous young volunteers have talked about the impact it has had on their social life, skill set and ability to get a job as well as contributing to their local community.

Am I too young to volunteer?

Some volunteers we've placed have been as young as 11 years of age, and although the type of volunteering may vary with age - rest assured that there are volunteer opportunities available for everyone. Many of the staff at different organisations are familiar working with younger people and have all sorts of support available.

Can I volunteer while studying?

Yes! We completely get that young people will need to pick volunteer opportunities that fit around their commitments. Flexible placements and volunteer opportunities outside the traditional '9-5' time slots of mid-week can be available, including at weekends.

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