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We understand that taking volunteers, especially of different ages, can be a challenge for different organisations. But we want to make this process simple. By working closely with many groups across Scotland we have created tailored solutions to enable effective and inclusive youth volunteering. 

Find out how below

Inclusion Training

We provide tailored inclusion training for organisations and companies looking to integrate young volunteers. Our Get the Gen training specialises in coaching organisations in best practice. 

Sector engagement

Volunteer Guidlines

Our Youth Volunteering Guidelines can help with practical support and steps to engage young volunteers. 

Schools projects

Volunteers toolkit

Our YouthVIP toolkit is the perfect starting point for any organisation looking to engage with young volunteers.

Youth Panel

Our team is working with Third Sector Interfaces, organisations and teams across Scotland to better support youth volunteering. We're always keen to hear from you if you're an organisation seeking to improve your youth volunteering. 

We co-designed an adaptable resource that that connects ideas, practices and approaches around youth volunteering in schools. Our pilot project in 2023 trialled the resource  with teachers, young people and youth workers to bring it to life in practice. 

Our ongoing Youth Panel of former and current volunteers feeds into our knowledge, recommendations and methods for volunteer action. 

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How can volunteers fit in my organisation?

Learn how Aberdeen-based Music 4 U successfully integrated youth volunteering into all aspects of their work.

We are part of #IWillScotland

YouthVIP supports the #IWillScotland movement, a nationwide campaign that aims to encourage young people to engage in social action and change in their communities through volunteering, fundraising, mentoring and activisim. 




If you're an organisation or company looking to introduce or improve a youth volunteering programme, our team can help give guidance, structured support and information for making this happen. 


Fill out this form below and one of our team will be in touch. 

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